Automatic Multi-station Thermoforming Machine

Delivery Time: 40days

Whether the custom: Customized

NDT: As Per Client Requirements

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The multi-stations thermoforming machine is suitable to handle different materials, such as A-PET, R-PET, C-PET, BOPS, HIPS, PP, PLA, PVC and barrier material and to produce many items: trays, lids, fruits and vegetables boxes, flower pots, clamshells, nursery trays and plates.

It can make some products which unable to be made in one station thermoforminging machine, like for example: PLA products, plastic lids or containers which has holes, the packing containers (fruit box, egg trays) with body and cover connected etc.

The multi-stations thermoforming machine represent an innovative model having:

• High level of standardization.

• Exceptional repeatability.

• Rugged durability.

• Flexible production for a wide range of articles.

• Increased high-speed performances.

• 4-column press for forming, punching and cutting with perfect

balance of the forces on mould platens.

• Cutting accuracy and reliability.

• Electric drives on all the main moving parts.

User-friendly software to control each operation and for working

Our company specializes in the production of HLK series high-precision automatic card mounting machine, which is used for thin paper, cardboard, gray cardboard, copperplate paper and other lamination processing, to meet the special processing requirements of double-sided printing and lamination, thin paper and thick paper lamination , High mounting precision, no deformation before and after lamination. Suitable for wine boxes, shoe boxes, tags, elevators, toys, gift boxes and exquisite packaging products processing, the mounted paper has high flatness, high accuracy, and good hardness.

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